7 responses to “Would tonight's Galaxy Nexus announcement just come already? My iPhone 3G resembles…”

  1. John Harrison

    You'll need Verizon in order to get it. And anyways, quad core (well technically 5 cores) will be released in 1st Q 2012.

  2. Troy Harlan

    That's fine – no problem giving ATT the boot. When you live in San Francisco, there are only really two choices if you want good service: Verizon or T-Mobile. If tonight's announcement includes info about their T-Mo launch date, MAYBE I would wait an extra week or two, but that's it!

    As for core counts, there's always something bigger and better on the horizon in this space. Besides, when you have an iPhone 3G practically bricked from iOS 4, you can only wait so long.

  3. John Harrison

    This is true. Also, if I had the choice, I'd go with Verizon. They have far better coverage in more areas.
    Also, they have 4G LTE, which is up to 2 times faster then what T Mobile has.

  4. Kim Guerrette

    Why have you waited so long to upgrade??

  5. Troy Harlan

    Kim, Because some of us don't buy every iDevice that comes out! 😉

    Seriously, though, until iOS4 came along and made the phone crawl, there was no real need to upgrade. Also, over a year ago I made the decision that my next phone would be (a) multi-core and (b) have LTE'ish data speeds, otherwise it wasn't worth it to me to upgrade. When the Samsung Galaxy S II was announced, it didn't seem like it would take so long for it to finally come to the U.S. By the time it finally did, the Galaxy S II was 6 months old and the Galaxy Nexus was weeks away, causing me to delay our gratification. ICS looks slick, so I'm glad we did.

  6. Kim Guerrette

    I don't buy every iDevice; I still have my iPhone 4. =P

    Good for you for holding out. I'm happy to see Google and Apple, two companies whose products I use a lot, succeed. I'll admit to using Apple for most of my digital content use. and who knows, I may own an iPad 3 and a Kindle Fire 2. 😉

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